Transportation Services is dedicated to providing safe and reliable transportation for student, faculty, staff conducting University business.

Visitors and non-employees needing assistance should contact Institutional Equity at 574-631-0444, or visit to submit a request for accommodation.

Acquisition and Disposal of University Vehicles

  • Help University departments determine the need and appropriate vehicle to acquire
  • Work with local vendors to locate vehicles and ensure University discounts are properly applied
  • Properly register and title vehicles
  • Manage the disposal of University vehicles

Acquisition and Disposal of utility/golf carts

  • Help University departments determine the need and appropriate cart to acquire
  • Work with vendors to ensure University standards are met
  • Registration of carts
  • Manage disposal of University carts

DOT Compliance

Driver Training

  • Manage the safe-driver training program for drivers of University owned, leased, rented, and borrowed vehicles

Golf Cart Rental

  • Coordinate golf cart rental for the University

Ground Transportation

  • Provide transportation for University Officers and guests of the University President

IDEM Compliance

  • Ensure compliance with IDEM (Indiana Department of Environmental Management) Storm Water Rule 13 Regulations

License, Title, and Registration of University Vehicles

Motorized Off-Road Vehicle Management

Adam Tirotta servicing a NDFD fire truck

  • Manage the acquisition and disposal of all MOVs (including golf carts, Toros, Gators, Bobcats, etc.) for University departments
  • Manage the registration of MOVs for the University

On-Campus Fuel Site

  • For University-owned vehicles and vehicles owned by the Congregation of Holy Cross

Student, Faculty and Staff Transportation

  • Provide a shuttle for campus
  • Provide local fare-free transportation for University Students, Faculty, and Staff with valid ID

Vehicle Maintenance

  • Manage the preventive maintenance and vehicle repair program for University vehicles – including notifications for routine service, record-keeping of work performed, and management of off-campus repairs with outside vendors
  • Offer Emergency Roadside Assistance for University vehicles

Vehicle Rental

  • Coordinate car and mini-van rentals for University students, faculty, and staff who need transportation while on University business