IDEM Compliance

Fuel Pumps

The University of Notre Dame is required to comply with the IDEM (Indiana Department of Environmental Management) Storm Water Rule 13 Regulations.

Transportation Services uses Best Management Practices such as:

  • Use of commercial car wash facilities for 95% of University vehicle washing.
  • On-site vehicle washing and snow/ice runoff enters floor drains, goes through an oil/water separator, and then is pumped into the sanitary system.
  • Inspections of University vehicles on a regular basis to repair fluid leaks.
  • Recycling of tires, batteries and waste oils by approved disposal vendors.
  • Operation of gasoline and diesel pumps on campus with fuel storage in regulated underground tanks.
  • Spill Protection Procedures: If a spill should occur, first the Notre Dame Fire Department and then the University’s Risk Management and Safety Department is contacted to ensure proper clean up and disposal. The above ground bulk oil tank also has a “spill protection wall”.

Transportation Services annually reviews our procedures to ensure the highest quality of Best Management Practices.